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Judge William B. Lofland

Judge William F. Kortemier II

Hava & Jimmy McClintock

Alma McClintock

Bobby Gallana

David Rohlf

Anna Campbell

Gary Cannavo

Frances White

Kay McDaniel

Catherine & Blakeley Hall

Karen & Rich Keopke

Dee and Julie Owen

Jeff and Mary Walker

Ashley Portals

Christina & John Murray

Alison Birk

The Mejia Family

The Brown Family

The Gray Family

Ruby & Armando Lozano

Adrianna Grinke

Cindie Heit

Tami Cotton

The Hernandez Family

Jennifer & Heath Hill

The King Family

The Wilke Family

The Parkes Family

Candi Evans

Amy & Andy Fuller

Dan & Jen Neuhring

Kirsty & Marc Nightingale

Jill Summers

Donelle Raley

Kelley Griggs

Angie & Cary Shatto

Pare & Brandon Underwood

Tiara Miranda

The Craft Family

Sarah & Cody Francisco

The Percy Family

Kelley Stark

Robyn & Jason Haddock

Jane & Skip Fisher

Lynn & Doug Farrow

Krisha & Don Istel

Heather Stevenson

Heather & David Taylor

Heather & Craig O'Donnell

Kerry & Chris Baucom

Mai Doyle

Candi Evans

Shannon & Preston Love

Jaymie & Ryan McIntire

Susie & Ryan Leff

Bliss Nauert

Mirror Mirror Salon

Service First Mortgage - Rockwall

Holly & Johnny Lyons

Kathryn & Brandon Spencer

Jenni & Matt McCorstin

The Munai Family

Mary & Matt Hageny

Charley & Jeffrey Kindrick

Tammie & Brent Dunklau

The Miller Family

Shanea McMillen

The Curry Family

Dana & Everett Lippel

The Bradley Family

Andee & Brock Moorman

The Cobb Family

The Dunlop Family

The Skyler Family

Kate Head

Regina & George Johnson

Kelsey Thompson

The Ford Family

Hillary & Scott Dilbeck

Brad & Sarah Rich

Kim & Mike Combs

Bev Melton

The Rivera Family

Elizabeth & Bryan Decker

Rae & Ignacio Hirigoyen

The Davis Family

Megan & Daniel Agerton

Christina Gervais

Lauren Simpkins

The Cook Family

Kim & Scott Nofziger

The Peterson Family

Kim Wizeman

The Jordan Family

The Gray Family

Melissa & Jason Cox

The Brown Family

Stan & Kimberly Baxter

Dana Riley

The Thomas Family

Debbie Adams

Children's Learning Center


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